Make pro-bono services a requirement for renewing lawyers’ licences – SC Justice to GBA

“Lawyers are expensive. To access a good quality lawyer, you need to pay some fees beyond the reach of ordinary people. "

Is allowance instantly strangers applauded

A Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Jones Dotse has appealed to the Ghana Bar Association to make proof of pro-bono services of lawyers a requirement for the renewal of their operating licenses.

According to him, this will go a long way to boost the work of the Legal Aid Commission because not many lawyers will be paid out of the fund yet the commission’s work will be facilitated expeditiously.

“Lawyers are expensive. To access a good quality lawyer, you need to pay some fees beyond the reach of ordinary people. Therefore the setting up of this fund must be embraced by all but I will go further and urge the Ghana Bar Association to endeavor to inculcate into their members the need to do at least one or two pro bono services a year to enable them to renew their operating licenses as happens in America.”

Speaking as a representative of the Chief Justice at the launch of the Law Reform Commission Fund and the Legal Aid Fund at the High Court Complex Auditorium in Accra today, he added that in America, lawyers need to satisfy the Bar Association that they have done two or three pro bono cases to renew their licenses.

Also present at the launch was the president of the Republic, Nana Akufo-Addo, ministers, deputy ministers, Justices of the Superior Courts of Ghana, etc.

Establishment  of the  Legal   Aid  Fund

31· There  is established   by  this Act  the Legal  Aid  Fund.

 Object  of the  Fund

32.  The  Object  of the  Fund  is to  ensure  financial  capacity  of the Commission  to efficiently  and effectively carry  out  its mandate  under this Act.

 Sources  of  money  for  the  Fund

33.  The sources of money  for the Fund  are

(a) moneys  approved by Parliament;

(b) interest accruing  from the investment  of the fund;

(c) moneys   paid  or  recovered   by  the  Commission    in  the performance  of the functions  of the Commission;  and

(d) donations  and gifts.

The Law Reform Fund

Establishment of the Law Reform Fund

10. There is established under this Act the Law Reform Fund.

Objects of the Fund

11.The objects of the Fund are

(a) to undertake projects for the development and reform of laws,

(2') to develop human resource in law reform, and

(c) for any other purpose that may be determined by the Board.

Sources of money for the Fund

12. The sources of money for the Fund are

(a) moneys approved by Parliament,

(1') moneys accruing to the Commission in the performance of its functions,

(c) donations, grants and gifts, and

(d) any other moneys that are approved by the Minister responsible for Finance.