Exploring “The Law, Practice, and Procedure in the Superior Courts and Appellate Tribunals in Ghana”: New book

The book was authored by a Retired Justice of the Court of Appeal, Lawrence L. Mensah; Mujeeb R.Ahmed, lead counsel for the Asantehene, and Kwamina Mensah, Co-author of the Legal Referencing book

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‘The Law, Practice, and Procedure in the Superior Courts and Appellate Tribunals in Ghana is a book that will equip lawyers, practitioners, and students alike with the appropriate tools to succeed in their endeavors at the courts.

The book, authored by a Retired Justice of the Court of Appeal; Lawrence L. Mensah, Mujeeb R.Ahmed; lead counsel for the Asantehene, and Kwamina Mensah; a co-author of the Legal Referencing book, is set to be launched at exactly 2 p.m. on August 25 at the Conference Room of the Court of Appeal in Adum, Kumasi.

This book emphasizes and affirms the fact that it is not gainsaid that the Superior Courts are a creation of the Constitution owing also to the reality that matters that go before these courts require more serious attention.

Additionally, the authors, drawing from their vast experiences, throw more light on the above fundamental principle governing the Superior Courts as coming about as a result of the presumption of jurisdiction.

Alternatively, the book touches on the concept of presumption of want of jurisdiction of the Lower Courts which exists save where the same has been conferred by a statute.

Moreover, more light has been thrown on the appellate jurisdiction of the Superior courts and the Houses of Chiefs which also exercise some level of appellate jurisdiction as created by the Constitution, the Courts Act as amended, and other statutes.

Another interesting issue that the authors delve into is the principle of hindsight concerning decision-making in the administration of justice which is always the best form of any endeavor and appeals in litigation and akin to nothing other than the benefit of hindsight now prevalent in the area of Football.

According to the book, this benefit of hindsight that has even led to the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee(VAR) in football may be akin to the appellate process in the justice delivery system which gives persons other than the referee a second bite of the cherry.

Following the above, the authors now will establish to their readers the benefits of the appellate process in justice delivery including the correction of the fallibility of human beings, offering the opportunity for the rewriting of the decision thereby benefitting the society.

In all these, the authors maintain that the law, practice, and procedure relative to appeals become cardinal to a practitioner.

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