State ordered to file disclosures in Togolese murder trial

Lucas Agboyie is being held on the charge of murder of Ruth Ankomah, a minor.

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An Accra High Court has ordered the State to file disclosures in a murder trial of a Togolese national, who allegedly defiled and strangled a seven-year-old at Atadeka-Zenu in the year 2015.

Lucas Agboyie is being held on the charge of murder of Ruth Ankomah, a minor. The Court presided over by Mrs Justice Elfreda Denkyi, gave the orders after the State and the accused’s counsel had given their opening addresses before a seven-member jury.

The State, led by Mrs Francisca Tete-Mensah, a Principal State Attorney (PSA), in her opening address, indicated that the State would be calling nine witnesses, including the Pathologist to prove the charge of murder.

The State said the prosecution’s evidence would include oral testimonies of eyewitnesses, the accused’s investigation caution and charge statements, Post Mortem report, pictures of the crime scene, exhibits of the deceased, and Police forensic report on three wrappers of dried leaves found on the accused person.

Agboyie’s counsel in his opening address urged the seven-member jury to scrutinize witnesses that the prosecution would call.

The matter has been adjourned to April 11, to ascertain if all documents of the State had been served on the accused and his lawyer.

The accused is said to have murdered the victim (Ruth Ankomah), a pupil of Zenu, Ashaiman. On April 19, 2015, at about 0800 hours, the victim’s mother prepared porridge and gave the victim ₵20.00 to purchase bread at a nearby shop for breakfast.

The victim’s mother, after waiting for some time without the victim showing up, became alarmed and started searching for her in the area but to no avail.

Later, the victim’s mother was informed that the accused was seen pulling the victim into his container.

A search team was mounted, and the body of the victim was found lying in a supine position on an old student mattress with blood oozing from her nostrils and mouth.

The search team arrested Agboyie and he confessed to killing the victim and having sex with the dead body.

When the Police visited the scene in April 2015, bruises were found on the neck of the deceased with her vagina swollen while her pants, sandals, and dress were lying beside her.

The Police also discovered two wrappers of cannabis Sativa, ₵10.00, NHIS Card, and another hospital card bearing the name of Obeng Oscar.

The deceased’s body was deposited at the morgue and an autopsy conducted indicated that the deceased died of consistent strangling.

When he was first put before the District Court in the year 2016, the accused confessed to killing the victim and having sex with the corpse.

Agboyie was committed to stand trial at the High Court, but his lawyer filed an application for an order for a psychiatric examination.

After the psychiatric examination, it came to light that the accused was fit to stand trial.