Tanzania leader agrees to drafting of new constitution after polls

A statement from the authorities said a new constitution will be among other long-term issues that will be addressed then after the 2025 general elections.

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Tanzania will begin the process of drafting a new constitution after the 2025 general elections.

A statement issued by State House says a new constitution will be among other long-term issues that will be addressed then.

This comes after the release of the country’s main opposition leader Freeman Mbowe, of the Chadema party.

He alleged his court case was politically motivated because he had started a movement demanding a new constitution.

The Tanzania government denies that allegation.

Last week, in an exclusive interview with the BBC, President Samia Suluhu Hassan refused to discuss the constitution, saying it was a “matter between herself and Tanzanians”.

But there has been mounting pressure from activists and opposition parties demanding a new constitution.

Mr Mbowe was charged with terrorism and stayed behind bars for eight months before the charges were dropped in early March.

Speaking to the BBC for the first time since his release, he said he would continue demanding a new constitution although with a more cautious approach.

“In African democracies sometimes telling the truth can be your hanging rope, it’s very unfortunate that our leaders, most of the time, would not like to hear what they don’t want to hear. When you tell the truth and stand by the truth you become the victim of circumstances” he says.

Immediately after his release Mr Mbowe met President Samia to discuss their working relations.

“In essence what we agreed was that we are ready to work together if both of us are targeting justice as the pillar of running political affairs” he says.