13-year-old rescued from suspected kidnappers

The police are yet to issue an official statement on the incident, however, the suspects are in custody at Anyirawase.

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A 13-year-old has been rescued from two alleged kidnappers at Abutia Togbave in the Ho West District of the Volta Region.

Tsemawusi Forgive was intercepted in a vehicle en route to Juapong, in the North Tongu District, where she was supposed to be delivered for a fee. 

According to an eyewitness, a petty trader at Abutia Kpota raised an alarm, after one of the suspects asked if there was a Police barrier on the Abutia-Juapong stretch when he bought sachet water from her. 

Information was sent to Abutia Sogbave, where a roadblock was set up to prevent the suspects who were traveling in two vehicles, from passing through. 

A search was undertaken, and the the victim was found in one of the vehicles.

The suspects were sent to the Chief’s palace and later handed over to the Police at Anyirawase. 

Speaking to JoyNews, the victim narrated that she met the young men around the Fire Service office in Ho while returning from a friend’s place where she went to borrow a phone to make a call.

She said that one of the suspects approached her, greeted her, asked about her native hometown, her name, and age. 

“I told him I am 13 years old. He asked if I had a boyfriend and I responded no”, she said.

“I don’t know how I got on board. The driver kept asking me if I was okay, if I was hungry or thirsty. He told me to feel free and inform him in case I was troubled with anything”, she added. 

She said she asked the suspect if he was married with children, to which he answered no and said he lived at Sokode Gborgame. 

Forgive said she noticed some people at a fuel station, where the driver filled his tank, suspected foul play, and tailed the vehicles. 

“When we traveled further, he bought 4 sachets of water, he and his friend took one each. He asked me to drink, but I refused. I only shook my head”.

She added that some commercial motor riders mounted a roadblock along the way and forced the vehicles to stop, though the suspects attempted speeding off in one of the communities.

She said she gained consciousness when she disembarked the vehicle and narrated to the natives how she became unconscious after entering the suspect’s vehicles.

“The man who had tailed us from the filling station also said he heard one of the suspects asking someone on the phone that ‘how much will they be paid because they had gotten the thing’”.  

The victim indicated that one of the suspects said she was his sister but failed to produce her name, which heightened the suspicion of the locals. The suspects were later sent to the chief’s palace.

“At the Chief’s palace, the Okada guys pounced on the suspect who attempted to lie”, “they asked them if they wanted to kill me, which they failed to answer.”

She gave out her sister’s contact upon request and has since been reconnected with her family.

The victim’s father detailed that she had left home at Kpenoe in the Ho Municipality on Tuesday evening after she was scolded for wrongdoing. 

“I thought she had gone to my mother’s place at Takla when she left home at Kpenoe after I scolded for for something she did wrong. I didn’t know she came to Ho until the incident occurred”, he said. 

The police are yet to issue an official statement on the incident, however, the suspects are in custody at Anyirawase.