Chief Justice to unveil vision for Judiciary on Monday

The initiative is necessary to ensure efficient justice delivery

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The Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo is set to launch her vision for the Judiciary on Monday, April 8, 2024.

She made this known at a press conference on Thursday, indicating that the initiative is necessary to ensure efficient justice delivery.

"It is an articulation of my vision and how the steps I believe can assist all of us to bring the justice that we want to the people of Ghana. On Monday at the International Conference Center, we will have that launching of my vision, and an outreach to the entire nation to assist in bringing justice to you the way we should,” she told reporters.

“Why do I need everybody to join me? The Constitution articulates it properly which is that justice emanates from the people of Ghana. We (the judiciary) are given the constitutional mandate to administer it. So we are accountable back to you who gave us the law to administer. And that is why if we are having trouble, doing it efficiently and to your expectation, it is appropriate that we bring to you programmes that you can assist us with, in doing the work that we are required to do.”

Additionally, she noted that Court of Appeal sittings have been resumed nationwide while indicating new modalities for the Court in Kumasi. Aside from serving the northern belts, the Court in Kumasi will now handle cases from the Bono East and West and Ahafo Regions. 

Furthermore, she said that the Judicial Service is putting in place structures to enable the Court of Appeal in Kumasi to do virtual hearings to better serve the people in Tamale and the northern part of the country.