ECOWAS Court external session an opportunity to learn – CJ to lawyers, judges

The External Court session of the Court is being held in Ghana for the first time since its formation over twenty years ago.

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The Chief Justice, his Lordship Kwasi Anin Yeboah has admonished members of the Ghanaian Bar and Bench to find the on-going ECOWAS Court External session as an opportunity to learn and observe international court sessions, practices, and procedures.

“Your excellencies the external court session that ECOWAS Court Of Justice will be holding here in the next two weeks offers members of the Ghanaian Bar the opportunity to observe an international court in session and to learn more about the practice and procedure of the court,” he said.

“The judges of the National Courts of Ghana also have an opportunity to also know very deep into the fraternal relations with judges of the external court, like this ECOWAS Court of Justice.”

He made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the 11th External Session of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice happening at the Law Court Complex in Accra.

In his address also, Justice Anin Yeboah said it was important that Ghana domesticates the ECOWAS Court of Justice revised treaty and protocols.

“It must also enact implementing legislature to enable the national courts of Ghana to recognize and enforce the judgments of the Court,” he further said.

Like President Akufo-Addo, the Chief Justice asked that the decision that led to the reduction in the number of Justices that sit at the ECOWAS Court should be reviewed. 

“The Court, I believe, requires an adequate number of judges to discharge its functions very effectively. Again, it would be necessary to review four-years non-renewable tenure of the members of the Court, to enable the members of the community to derive maximum benefits from the wealth of experience.”

Chief Justice Yeboah also commended the Court for receiving the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression prize for the year 2022 conferred on it by Columbia University.

Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS-External Session

The External Court session of the Court is being held in Ghana for the first time since its formation over twenty years ago.

The session, which is important in the annual work program of the Court, is anchored on the provision of Article 26(2) of the 1991 Protocol on the Court.

The Court is expected to hear 60 cases and deliver 25 judgments while in Ghana.

It is aimed at bringing Justice to the average person at the grassroots of the Community.

The Programme also provides the opportunity for Judicial dialogue with the national Courts of host countries and exposes lawyers and community citizens in the country to the practice and procedure of a Regional International Court. 

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