Ghana is a secular state: Not constitutionally connected to any Religion- Ace Ankomah

“Ghana is a secular state. Ghana is not a Christian state

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A renowned legal practitioner, Ace Ankomah has intimated that Ghana is a secular state thus not constitutionally connected to any particular Religion.

According to him, the four(4) indicators that enable a state to be described as such, exist in Ghana.

“Ghana is a secular state. Ghana is not a Christian state. Ghana is not a Muslim state. Neither is it a traditional state. Ghana is a secular Republic. The Constitution is secular. The Institutions are secular, “ he said.

“If you say a state is secular, it means there are 4 things that happen in the state. It means that it guarantees individual and corporate freedom of religion. Secondly, It deals with the individual as a citizen irrespective of religion. Thirdly, We are not constitutionally connected to a particular Religion. Finally, the state does not seek to promote or interfere with Religion,” he added.

Speaking on Newsfile on JoyNews on October 30, 2021, he reiterated the Supreme Court’s decision that the feature of a secular state is the existence of religious pluralism and diversity.

Further referring to the case of Bomfeh V. Attorney General, Ace Ankomah noted that the fact that the state is secular does not mean it cannot assist or co-operate.

“There is this case that went to the Supreme Court; Bomfeh V. The Attorney General. Bomfeh went to the Supreme Court to state that because the state is secular,  it is wrong to be engaged in the Hajj and the building of the National Cathedral,” he noted.

“And the Supreme Court said the features of a secular state is that there is Religious pluralism and diversity. You are entitled to believe in what you want to believe so nobody discriminates against the other in the sense,” he added.

According to him, however, within the context of the secular state, the constitution allows and encourages the state’s recognition and accommodation of Religion and Religious identity.

“But within the context of a secular state, the constitution must be understood to allow or even encourage state recognition of religion and religious identity. You can be whoever you are but you don’t have to believe in what I believe in before you are a citizen. It is all because the state is secular, “ he intimated.