Law School exams not dreadful- GSL Director

“The most difficult thing that you’ve been made to understand is that examinations at the Law School are dreadful," he said.

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The Director of Legal Education and the Ghana School of Law, Barima Yaw Oppong Kodie has dispelled wrongly held perceptions that examinations at the Ghana School of Law are dreadful.

He believes that students and even some newly qualified lawyers are to be blamed for the misconception.

He added that most of these people paint such a picture to get the chance to collect money from aspiring law students for extra classes.

“The most difficult thing that you’ve been made to understand is that examinations at the Law School are dreadful

Usually, it is those who have just passed the exams or perhaps in the final year or become lawyers who are at the forefront of painting this dreadful of our examinations and turn around to extort money from you so that they can teach you,” he noted.

Mr. Yaw Oppong made this known last weekend when he addressed the induction ceremony of 84 students into the KNUST campus of the Ghana School of Law.

On his part, the acting Dean of the KNUST Faculty of Law, Dr. Chris Adomako Kwakye admonished lawyers against a sense of commercial self-interest in their duties.

He said that lawyers ought rather to adhere to ethical principles such as honesty, loyalty, fidelity, diligence, etc which are an integral part of the legal profession.

According to him, the legal profession will be at risk of falling apart if lawyers throw these values into the bin, thus creating a situation where the masses will resort to other means of resolving their conflicts.

Furthermore, Dr. Kwakye urged the inductees to study the  Legal Pro­fession Act 1960, Act 32, the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct and Etiquette) Rules, 1969, (L.I. 613) as well as the Code of Ethics of the Ghana Bar Association to imbibe and espouse the required ethics.

Present also at the ceremony was the Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin Yeboah who noted that even though legal education across the world is not easy, with focus and determination, one is likely to make it without difficulties.

He added that just like any professional education, the law requires students to go through rigorous training and thus advised the inductees not to take it lightly.