Meet Deborah Ganyo-Grunitzy : 2022/2023 UG LSU President elect

Deborah Babliss Grunitzkyis a passionate and reformative leader, who has served in various capacities tailored at changing the lives of the people she comes into contact with.

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The University of Ghana School of Law has elected new Executives to head and steer the affairs of its Law Students Union(LSU).

At the end of the polls, an ordained Reverend Minister, Deborah Ganyo-Grunitzky emerged atop with over 60% of the total votes cast thus duly elected as the new president of the union.

Prior to her election, Deborah had served in various capacities as a champion of a reformative agenda geared towards the transformation of human lives.

She is above all a student welfare advocate, and an enthusiast, and will go down into the annals of the university’s history as the second female president of LSU.

Deborah hopes to use her position to inspire other females like her to rise to the echelons of power.

She will be assisted by an extremely dedicated, meticulous, versatile, and ambitious gentleman, Erasmus Elorm Agbo, as vice president-elect.

The position of General Secretary of the union is being steered by yet another confident, diligent, and self-motivated lady, Angela Naa Ashiedu Botchwey.

As a strong-willed person and a trained communicator, it is without any shred of doubt that she comes to the table with excellent communication skills and excellent people skills that will continually ignite her passion to keep students of the University of Ghana School of Law informed.