Pay attention to the ethics of our profession – Justice Kulendi to Legal practitioners

Pay attention to the ethics of our profession – Justice Kulendi to Legal practitioners

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A Justice of the Supreme Court of Ghana, Justice Yonny Kulendi has reiterated the need for lawyers to continually adapt and pay heed to the ethics of the legal profession.

He notes that all things they do as lawyers will not reach their desired heights and echelons without adaptation to ethics.

Delivering the closing remarks at the  2021/2022 Legal year Bench, Bar, and Faculty Conference, he thus conveyed the Chief Justice's appeal to all stakeholders to uphold ethics in addition to their quest to make maximum use of Information Technology to better their lots in this era of Technology.

“I must drop one line which is at the heart of His Lord the Chief Justice. In all of these, technology, new strategy, we position ourselves, deploying IT and do all we can do. Without ethics and professionalism, we'll be on the decline. So he has asked me to reiterate his interest that in all of these, we must pay attention to the ethics that govern our profession and our roles in order that we may bequeath to posterity a better profession that we met whether it is at the level of academia, through law school, practice at the Bar or even at the Bench,”

The two-day conference on the topic: THE SURVIVAL OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION IN A CHANGING WORLD brought together dignitaries from the Bench, Bar, and various Law Faculties in the country.

The first day had the Chief Justice of the Republic, the Attorney General, President of the Ghana Bar Association, Justices of the Superior courts, Deans of Faculties, and distinguished legal practitioners being in attendance.

Further to the above, the two-day program was interspersed with panel discussions led by astute practitioners and professionals and even Justices of the Superior courts.

It provided a platform for stakeholders of the profession to discuss and digest solutions to challenges encountered by the profession in a world that is being buffeted by inevitable changes and situations.